Digital Marketing & Social Media Advice


Speak with knowledgeable tech professionals to address your questions regarding online marketing. Private one-on-one consultations are available.

Get answers to your most burning questions regarding:

  • software available to market your business
  • digital marketing strategy

Please note: these sessions are not intended to set up social media, etc. 

*this service is available for entrepreneurs in London and the surrounding area

Thanks to the following professionals who continue to volunteer their time:

David Billson, rTraction


Appointments are booked directly with the volunteer professional. With respect to COVID-19 restrictions, this service will be conducted by phone or through an online platform.


To register for this service, please meet with a Business Advisor first. 

To ensure effective use of your time, we ask that you include a list of questions/topics in your form.
You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible, as these documents are forwarded to the professional to review prior to the meeting.

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