Andrew Lawrance, TalkMotion Inc.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Andrew. I’m the owner and founder of TalkMotion Inc., which is a video marketing company here in London, Ontario that specializes in motion graphic videos. In short, we make videos that work. On a more personal level, I’m 29, I was born and raised in London, Ontario, and love creativity in all its forms.

Since my first memory, I’ve always been drawn to the arts. Although, I didn’t see a future in it until I was accepted into Fanshawe’s Advanced Graphic Design Program where I learned how to construct logos, print, and web advertisements. My time at Fanshawe was great but it wouldn’t have been the same if I had not come into it with the perspective I gained from the Beal Art Program.

My brother Craig and I are first generation entrepreneurs who started businesses the same year which couldn’t be more different from each other. He owns and operates Dark Matter Toys in St. Thomas, which is a retro toy and game store. The rest of my family have found their successes working in transportation services, healthcare, electrical, plumbing and computers. I couldn’t have achieved my success today without the support from my family.

Tell us about your business.

TalkMotion Inc. has been running since early 2016 but I have been personally providing creative services for over 5 years now as a freelancer. On top of our marketing services, we provide a very wide range of creative services (all done in-house) which include but are not limited to: logo designs, logo animations, video bumpers, explainer videos, testimonials, 3D modeling and animation, special FX, compositing, video spot removal / touch ups, live action recording/ editing, and probably another 20 graphic design related services as well.

What led you to start this business and was there something that drew (or pushed) you into being an entrepreneur?

After working as a multi-media designer around the City and trying to find work during the harsh employment conditions a few years back, I thought it was time a motion graphic studio opened up in here in London. I remember when I was a 7 year old kid being taken through the McDonalds drive through, I thought that it would be a great idea if McDonalds sold some of their food or products in grocery stores as it would be so convenient to have it ready at home. My mom heard me think this aloud and predicted that I would become an entrepreneur. As of last year, we were both right.

What were some of the challenges you faced getting started and how did you overcome them?

The challenges were and are abundant to say the least. I joke about it as a funny excuse when I don’t have an answer to what ever I’m being asked — “I went to art school! What do I know?” It’s both funny and true which makes it all the more enjoyable. I think the biggest challenge in this venture has been learning how to run a business — planning and following through on things like tracking expenses, tracking time, problem solving things that I’ve never even thought of before. It’s been a challenge but the perspective I’ve gained has been worth it alone.

As a busy entrepreneur, what do you like to do when you take a break?

I have a few go-to past times, but the one I find the most energizing, and I realize it sounds a bit off for taking a break, but a good past time is to play the drums.

About 8-16 hours a day, I sit and strategize, plan, design, animate and communicate for our clients and it’s not naturally a healthy thing, to sit for so long. So every now and again, I take about 15 minutes to rock out to pop hits, classic rock, electro swing or whatever kind of music I’m in the mood for. I’d recommend it.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received and why?

You can never have too many connections. — It doesn’t matter what you do. Business is more about who you work with, and less about what you do; and the more quality connections you have, the more business you’ll end up with.

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