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Tell us about yourself.

When I was very young, my parents let me use their computer. I wanted to be like my Dad, who was always typing away at his keyboard. I figured out how to do basic tasks on the computer then I broke it, so I had to fix it. Since then, not much has changed. Except now I help other people prevent their computers from breaking down and also with their internal IT processes.

I graduated from Western in June 2017 with a Bachelor in Media, Information & Technoculture. Since about six years ago I’ve been helping small business owners in London make their businesses more efficient by implementing technical solutions that save them time and money. 

Tell us about your business

YourTech London has been operating for over two years now and was incorporated this past March, 2017. We have two employees who help with carrying out technical tasks and solving problems for customers on the fly. We have more than eleven technical people we reach out to for specific advice in their niche.

We are like an outsourced IT department. We help manage day-to-day technical work, like setting up new employees with computers, ensuring security of systems using software, and responding to employee technical problems. We essentially remove the administrative work of IT which lets you focus on customer facing activities.

Our most popular product is moving email to the cloud. Essentially, we take all of your existing emails and accounts from your computers and put them online. The benefits of this for your business are numerous: faster response times to customer’s means winning more business and a better experience for your customers.

Another favourite is our Technical Evaluation. We sit with you and learn about your business, the internal processes (revenue generation, daily activities, etc.) and the technology you are currently using. Following this, we provide an analysis of your business, where we think you can improve your use of technology to provide a better experience for your customers. 

What is the #1 small business book/blog/website you would recommend?

I love the “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber.  It opened my eyes on documenting processes and how to provide the best service that customers expect, consistently. I also realized that I need to put on different hats, like the manager hat and entrepreneur hat, not just the technical hat in order to have a successful business.

This book made me realize that everything I do, the way I interact with my clients, the questions I ask them and the technologies I implement within their business are the “secret ingredients” of success. I then started writing these processes down, and now I have a large amount of documentation on how to carry out various tasks. I’m working towards building the documentation so that if I died (I plan for worst case scenarios, haha), someone could take over my position as Director of YourTech London without skipping a beat and our clients wouldn’t notice a difference.

Having these processes written out also means that onboarding a new client or making sure backups are working is going to happen the same way every time; we just go through the list and check the boxes at the end. Even hiring on new employees is made significantly easier, since employees have a manual to learn from.

Other than the E-Myth: Revisited, I think the best blog is YourTech London’s own blog, which you can visit at https://yourtech.london/tech/. We have a number of exciting new articles on the way, so please check back often.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received and why?

“Automate everything, except the things you can’t”. When you automate repeatable tasks in your business, you can spend your valuable time elsewhere. I’ve learned this and I am applying automation to many aspects of YourTech London’s internal processes. For instance, by automating our billing processes with a variety of tools we are now generating invoices eight times faster than we were before.

However, there are some activities I would never want to automate away; for instance talking face-to-face with a client and discovering the ways we can help her use technology to make her business more efficient.

What advice would you give to someone starting a small business today?

 A couple quick tips:

  1. Backup your files often.
  2. Leverage automation as much as possible.
  3. Be careful on the internet.
  4. Have unique passwords for each account.
  5. Move your email to the cloud.

We’ll offer a one hour consultation for free to anyone who reads about our company on this Small Business Showcase, just let us know you heard from us here.

Is there anything currently happening in the London business community that excites you?

Absolutely! I love London! This city is so great I literally put it in the company’s name, haha. I’ve spent the majority of my life here, and I plan on spending many more. The vibrancy of the business community here is amazing, it’s great being surrounded by other individuals who share the same passion and drive for entrepreneurship. There is a lot to learn from some of the non-profit businesses here, especially regarding the sometimes forgotten human side of business.

To learn more about Yourtech London Visit https://yourtechlondon.com

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