The London Small Business Centre and The London Economic Development Corporation, in conjunction with the Ontario government's Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Starter Company Plus Program, are offering "Scale Up", a program designed to assist growing food production and distribution businesses in London. Scale Up provides training and grants of $5000 to individuals who demonstrate strong growth potential in their business.

Learn directly from industry experts on the topics critical to business success. A sample of topics to be discussed include:

  • HR guidance and advice on hiring, employee relations, training and terminating.
  • Health & Safety regulations for growing businesses.
  • Understanding the importance of developing Traceability and Recall plans.
  • Food Packaging & Labelling – mistakes to avoid
  • Working with wholesale distributors.
  • Visual merchandising and in-store marketing best practices.

Eligible Participants must:

  • Have established the business 1-3 years ago.
  • Participate in a proposal writing workshop and prepare a well written “growth proposal”
  • Be planning to hire new employees within one year
  • Have invested a minimum of $5,000 of their own money into the business within the last year.
  • Be prepared to make the time investment to attend all scheduled mentoring and training meetings.  (approximately 2 hours every two weeks, over 3 months)
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident operating their business on a full-time basis.

Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

The availability of grant funding is based on strength of the growth proposal, economic impact (jobs created), personal investment and long-term sustainability.  The number of grants available is limited.

For additional information contact John Anagnostou: