Make your business plan work for you!

Our experienced Business Advisors can help with questions related to writing a customized business plan.

Our Business Advisors will:  

  • review your business plan prior to the one-hour consultation to check for completeness
  • offer you constructive feedback for improvement
  • give you general feedback on the structure and content of your business plan
  • direct you to resources which will help you strengthen your plan
  • check for consistency between the components of the plan
  • check for general professional quality of information presented in the plan
  • ensure that your plan is a working guide and blueprint for future growth planning
  • suggest specific ways you can improve your business plan.

Please note that business plans must be given to your business advisor (either in person or via email), at least one week prior to your appointment.

This service is free and confidential and must be booked in advance.

To arrange an appointment, please complete a Request for Service Form and one of our business advisors will get back to you within 24 hours.