Have a great idea for a food business?

Want to learn how to turn your winning recipe into a successful venture?

You'll want to attend this 90 minute seminar for an overview of the things you need to know when starting a food business. 

Topics will address important areas every entrepreneur should consider:

  • The Basics of Starting a Business
  • Developing your Business Plan

And highlight the keys to creating a successful food business:

  • Branding your Company Identity
  • Developing your Products
  • An Introduction to Food Industry Regulations
  • Additional Resources

A local food producer will join us to share the path and pitfalls of setting up production and provide tips on how to expand beyond the local market. A food service expert will also spend some time recounting his experience building a successful restaurant and will provide unique insights into the food service industry.

If you're someone interested in marketing a family recipe, an individual with a product idea or concept, a producer considering adding value to an agricultural product or even a chef exploring your possibilities, this seminar will provide you with the information and resources to take the next step!

Note: This seminar is associated with the Navigating the Regulatory Compliance: Starting a Business in the Food Industry Seminar and therefore, we recommend registering in advance for both.

Date:  Coming soon! (March)
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Cost: Free! 
Location: Online 

Registration required in advance. Please register using the upcoming seminars section below.

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Hosted by the Small Business Centre, this seminar is delivered in partnership with the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).