Growing a small business can be challenging even in the best of times.  As a small business owner you must wear multiple hats: marketer, bookkeeper, HR manager, social media expert, and many more.

In the current situation surrounding COVID-19, those challenges are magnified even more!  London is fortunate to have several volunteers who are willing and eager to help as you look to pivot your business, address challenges, and market your businesses in ways you have not done in the past.

We have assembled an elite team of subject matter experts, well equipped with an arsenal of knowledge to help you survive and prosper in this uncertain time.  The SBC’s COVID-19 Business Support Squad is available for free consultations to answer questions and provide strategic guidance to your small business.

Subject matter experts include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Legal
  • Accounting / Financial
  • HR
  • Insurance
  • SEO


What is it?

A free consultation,30 minutes to 90 minutes in length depending on the subject matter. Consultations may be conducted by phone, video conference, or virtual drop-ins.

How does it work?

Fill out at a Support Squad Request for Service Form identifying the type of guidance you are seeking. Be sure to include some of your burning questions.  Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours, and we will follow up with the best referral match and details.

Is there any financial obligation?

No, all the volunteers are genuine, community focused individuals who want to help.  However, as most are also running businesses of their own, what they can offer will be limited.  If you decide to engage their services beyond the free consultation, that is entirely your decision.

How long before I get a consultation?

This will vary on the number of requests received at any given time, as well as the volunteers’ availability.  Our goal is to respond within 24 hours, and for the appointment to be booked within a day to a week. Once the referral is made, it will be up to you and the squad member to schedule a meeting time.  With respect to drop-ins, they will be at predetermined times, and if you are unavailable at that time, we may be able to request an alternative time.

The type of subject matter expert I am looking for is not on the list, what should I do?

Provide a suggestion. We can’t make any promises, but if there is enough interest in a specific area, we will work to find a new squad member!

I also have an area of expertise to offer, how do I become part of this elite squad?

Fill out the same Support Squad Request for Service Form, as it will provide us some background on you. In the questions area, identify your area of expertise and what you are can offer.  We will be in touch!

Thank you to the professionals who have volunteered as Squad members to further assist the small business community! Click here to meet the Squad.