Successful Business, Successful Marriage – How to Have Both

You're in a committed relationship and you want to be, or are already, self-employed. Gain some insight on how to avoid sacrificing your marriage or personal well-being while achieving business goals and success. Avoid "crisis management" type of entrepreneurship and build a life raft solid enough to carry you, your partner/spouse, and your children safely through the white waters of entrepreneurship. 

Our presenter, Tamelynda Lux has intimate knowledge of family business as the former executive director for 18 years at the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, a non-profit organization supporting families and business.

This workshop will show you how to...

  • Manage the effects of self-employment on your marriage and family
  • Nurture a healthy relationship and family when finances are tight, sleep is deprived, emotional stress is high, and uncertainty is in the picture
  • Be better prepared and skilled for meeting the relationship challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Manage anxiety
  • Overcome the fear of failure
  • Boost your confidence

Tamelynda Lux, CCH, PCC, NLP, DipAdEd Entrepreneur | Life Shift, Reinvention & Family Business Coach | Author